Breve Girwin Presents the ATP Cycle

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Brad wasn't available for this video, however luckily we found a guy called Breve Girwin who was. Breve proved to be a knowledgeable fellow, and walked us through the ATP cycle. In the first half of this cycle, Adenosine Triphosphate is broken down into Adenosine Di-phosphate. This process is called dephosphorylation and is exergonic, meaning it releases energy for other chemical processes throughout the organism. Such processes include enzyme activity, active transport, and muscle contraction. Because adenosine is nitrogen rich, and nitrogen is such a rare element, it must be conserved and reused within the organism. Consequently, the ADP is not discarded, but held onto until it can be later phosphorylated back into ATP. This occurs in the second half of the cycle, which is endergonic, meaning it requires energy. By: Brad Kominsky, Stephen Wong, Tom Kokoska


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