Carbon Cycle Rap

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Marine Science project on the carbon cycle In Da Club Instrumental - 50 Cent Black and Yellow Instrumental - Wiz Khalifa Under the Sea (Instrumental Version) by Knightsbridge chorus: uh huh, we teach you who we is everything im in, im in it big uh huh, im in all life forms CO2 given off, thats respiration world domination, you know im in everything carbon cycle (x4) i put it down from the air to the rocks and sea, carbon cycle (x4) fundamental..element, elements intimidated, students aint soon as i hit the ocean, look at fishies face by marine animals, calcium carbonate carbon dioxide, the most abundant in the atmosphere, you know how it gets there and i got the pedal to the metal elements check my game, im balling out on every level hear them haters talk, but theres nothing you can tell em 700 bil in the air, got another trill. in the ocean carbon cycle, it's keeping us alive no end, no pausing chorus got a call from the forest, this just in animals love me cuz im helpin their skeleton not by myself, but im helpin though this aint for one night, im here your whole life yo im stored underground, in all these fossil fuels men burn, release me, geosphere for a million years key ingredient in living tissue throw it up, atmosphere will send it back down chorus recycle like i'm supposed to do i got three main stages that save and thats the truth reservoirs is where i'm most abundant then we got assimilation and release you best believe i'm everywhere, watch me fill up the ...


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