The Nature Learning Center's "Nature's Life Cycle Engine". The engine is the driving force that generates life force for the home or farm. Nature works for free all that is needed is putting the elements back together. The Life Cycle Engine (LCE) creates abundance. The LCE feeds into itself for it's own sustainability. The chickens eat the worms, the worms eat the left over food, the excrement from both the chickens and the worms build life giving soil which grows more food for the chickens and the worms. The compost pile receives the abundant left overs/plants/grass/fruits/vegetables that are not consumed that the healthy soil creates. The excrement from the chickens/nitrogen/potassium/phosphate gets mixed into the compost pile to enhance the transformation into soil. The worms are added to the soil to create micro organisms within the soil. The excrement from the vermiculture bin creates a very powerful life force soil that is added to other soil at a rate of 10%. The chard wood from burning such plants like bamboo, (high in calcium) are placed on top of the soil below the plants. For the compost pile, you will need a ratio of 50% green to 50% brown, at least 3 ft by 3 ft to activate, with plenty of air flow, and periodic watering. For the 50% green I like to use grasses/ground cover such as alfalfa, oats, flax, legumes, red clover, buckwheat, Symphytum asperum Comfrey, seaweeds, river algae, acacia leaves/roots. I also add for the green: manure and urine from birds ...


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