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Since September some students at Wellington have been working on a green wall aquaponics system. The research and planning is done and we are now ready to take the next step forward. Of course the problem is funding, and we have recently entered the BC Green Games in hope of winning some funding. The main idea of aquaponics is a wall of plants and a tank of fish will be contected working as an ecosystem. A pump will move water from the plants on the wall, which absorb nutrients and clean the water, to the fish which eat and produce ammonia. Then benificial bacteria convert ammonia to nitrate which in turn feeds the plants. The plan is that the fish can then be reintroduced to local streams. The plants on the wall are local sedums which need little maintanance and are great at insulating the building which will lower heating costs. We have the possibility of winning up to $2 000. The project can win $1 000 souly on votes alone. We have put a lot of work into the video. So we would be greatful if you could go to www.bcgreengames.ca create an acount and vote for Wellington's project!!


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