Biotecnologie Italia: Gabriele Cerrone, Presidente del BioVitas Capital intervistato in televisione BioVitas Capital is a privately held investment firm headquartered in New York. We are specialists in nurturing, financing and structuring early-stage biotechnology or pharmaceutical products, projects and companies. The management of BioVitas combines experience in the financing and development of drugs and diagnostics with extensive scientific, business and financial contacts in the US and Europe. We have an established and successful history of value creation through the alignment of European patented research and technology with resources and expertise from the United States. The Company has interests in all fields of human medicine with particular emphasis directed towards cancer, infectious diseases and obesity. BioVitas involves itself at the embryonic stage of company formation and has an excellent track record of transforming early-stage business into flourishing, listed companies. BioVitas Capital - Biotecnologie Italia http


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