The Hydrologic Cycle

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In this film we survey the campus of Boston University and ask them several questions relating to science. We ask them if they have any knowledge of what the hydrologic cycle is, as well as what an aquifer is. We found that most people had very little knowledge on both subjects. These two topics are very important when understanding science, here is why: Water is the most essential natural resource in life. It takes part in what is known as the hydrologic cycle. In this cycle, water molecules take on several different paths throughout the environment. The hydrologtic cycle is also key in other biogeochemical cycles. Without water there would be no life. Next, we have aquifers. An aquifer is a spongelike region of rock and soil that holds groundwater. The upperlimit of an aquifer is referred to as the water table. Aquifers may hold groundwater for long periods of time, thus making the water quite ancient. The largest known aquifer in North America is known as the Oglalla Aquifer. This region creates a rich agricultural area that is highly useful in irrigating crops. We thank you for watching our film, enjoy. - John MacKinnon, Drew Popper, Pat Gent


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