Why Do We Need To Eat Superfoods?

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facebook.com It used to be a lot easier to eat a well balanced diet. All we needed to do was eat a variety of complex carbohydrates, fats, proteins from lean meats, fresh fruits and veggies. In our fast, paced-busy lives today, we are not eating a balanced diet and even if we did, we aren't getting the nutrients that we need. One reason we are not getting the nutrients we need is, we are eating too many packaged, processed foods. These foods have had the nutrients like vitamins, minerals and micronutients stripped out. Chemicals have been added like preservatives to extend shelf life. These processed foods are also very high in simple carbohydrates and salt. They are cheap, easy and bottom line, you get what you pay for, empty calories with no nutrition. Another reason we are not getting the nutrients we need is our fresh food is less nutritious today. Mineral depletion is common due to industrial over farming. They use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers do not supplement our foods. Fertilizers only replace 3 key minerals, potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen but leave out other trace minerals like chromium that may play a key role in avoiding diabetes and high cholesterol for example. It's a vicious cycle. We are eating too many empty calories because our bodies are craving what is missing in our diets. The lack of nutrients in our food leads to cravings, bad health and disease. When you lack nutrients, your body craves more, you eat, you gain weight. How do you ...


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