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The new IMA CA3 is a monobloc machine capable of packing, in a modified and conditioned atmosphere, both soft and hard pods containing coffee, heat-sealing them in a protective outer envelope and finally packing them into cartons at a production speed of 250 pods per minute. IMA has designed and manufactured the new CA3 conforming to the highest efficiency criteria and, in particular, to an extreme flexibility while guaranteeing the best product quality on the market. Homogeneous coffee distribution inside the pod and great profile precision are guaranteed thanks to an advanced coffee dosing and compression system. The whole pod production cycle, up to its packaging into the heat-sealed outer envelope, is carried out in a modified and conditioned atmosphere due to the constantly controlled introduction of nitrogen inside a protective hood, where humidity and temperature never change to guarantee best product quality. The machine production cycle is then completed by an integrated, fully automatic, accessible and adjustable cartoning unit. The carton and count size changeover is performed easily and quickly, especially thanks to the electronic count.


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