HONDA dream CB450 is discovered with the triple world. November 1, 1968 Design changing and output improvements. ?King of gorgeous motorcycle? New HONDA dream CB450 Nationwide standard cash fixed price 268000 sale November 1 in time High-speed, efficient, large-scale motor cycle when peculiar DOHC engine was installed. Distinctive character of king who has dynamic, dynamic power with whom design and mobility overflow. The engine, the frame, and everything were polished further. HONDA dream CB450 is evaluated export from all parts of the world high with the domestic sale in April, 1965 as beginning and "King of the motorcycle", and makes the name of "Star of export" at will for the speed-cop's motorcycle of the each country police for which the most needs mobility most. - Max power 45 horsepower. Maximum speed 180 km/h. Marvelous output for each liter of 101 horsepower. Only this is a result of crystal four cycle two cylinder DOHC engine of the technology of HONDA. - 0?400m 13.2 acceleration second. Acceleration that is the highest in the world and marvelous. Demonstrating of being that doesn't go in technology of world GP participation. It is mobile power not to permit the follow of another car even to the outstripping acceleration. - Five return type step mission An ideal gear ratio can be chosen at any time according to the running condition, and the engine characteristic of E of high power is demonstrated full. - Oil and type of high-pressure nitrogen using together ...


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