Tomato growing. 2st Chapter

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At the same time as the first side shoots appear, pruning should take place. This consists in the elimination of some of the aforementioned shoots which in turn will improve the ventilation of the plant. Due to the use of pruning techniques, the number of stems per plant will be determined. Between 1 or 2 stems are frequently left after pruning, although with respect to cherry tomato plants, 3 or even 4 stems may be left on the plant. With the incorporation of crop training the plant is kept upright which improves the general ventilation of the plant and provides optimum conditions for plant growth and the undertaking of cultivation procedures. Approximately 30 days after transplanting, flowering begins. The first flower cluster develops once the plant has three true leaves in the leaf axils. The rest of the inflorescents will be located every 2or 3 leaves up to the growing tip of the plant. Another important task is de-suckering, which consists in the elimination of axil shoots and is carried out weekly throughout summer and autumn, and every 10-15 days in winter. In order to gain optimum benefits from pollenization, a beehive of Bombus Terrestris should be placed inside the greenhouse, at the beginning of flowering. Approximately one and a half months after transplanting, ovary development commences which leads to fruit being formed. From this moment onwards and depending upon the stage of advancement of the crop, the water requirements of the plant will increase ...


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