Bolaven How to Make Coffee Single Cup

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Bolaven Farms is the leading organic grower and supplier of the finest Bolaven coffees. Bolaven coffees are rare and distinctive, grown and processed in the pristine environment of the Bolaven Plateau in southern Laos. At Bolaven Farms, we believe in sowing the seeds of hope. By training Resident Farmers in our Integrated Organic Farming program and making credit available to our graduates, farmers are empowered to break the cycle of poverty, one family at a time. In the words of Gilbert Suico, Bolaven Farms Senior Agriculturist, Our Resident Farmers can become proud landowners with productive family farms. Their hope is our joy. Bolaven Farms integrates nitrogen-fixing plants and livestock to fertilize and regenerate the soil. The system employs indigenous production of organic fertilizer and pesticides from organic substances and African Nightcrawlers (earth worms) are cultivated to aid in the composting of animal manure. The local livestock are now being artificially inseminated, resulting in much more robust cattle: a 200 kilogram local cow can see significant improvement in live weight to between 400 to 600 kilograms in just two generations. Our organically grown coffee plants are out-performing others by 30-35% in height, crown and stem. The entire system is sustainable and self-contained, without an ounce of chemical input. Bolaven Farms is a market leader in high output organic farming in Southeast Asia. Bolaven Farms desires to act justly, show kindness, love and ...


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