Rice farmer Mang Lando gets the surprise of his life when a talking rice plant pops out of his rice field and tells him what rice plants need. Ryza, the talking rice plant, gives Mang Lando first-hand information on rice and nutrients. Going through the various growth stages, Mang Lando finds out how to manage nutrients to get high yields. Ryza also convinces Mang Lando to try out the Nutrient Manager for Rice, an easy-to-use computer program . For more on site-specific nutrient management see: irri.org Tagalog: www.youtube.com Partial script: Mang Lando: Hmm. My rice plants are looking a bit pale. I may need to apply fertilizer again. Mang Lando: Oh, how I wish these rice plants could talk; surely they will tell me what they need. Ryza: Mang Lando, Mang Lando, please stop! Before you add that extra bag of fertilizer, do you know what makes a healthy rice plant? Mang Lando: What?! Um, no.... Ryza: Mang Lando, proper nutrition makes healthy rice plants. Mang Lando: Say that again. Ryza: I said, proper nutrition makes healthy rice plants. Mang Lando: What? I dont understand what you mean. Ryza: Then you must hear this.Mang Lando, rice plants are living organisms. Aside from water and sunshine, we need nutrients to be healthy so we can grow and produce grain. The main nutrients that we need are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and sulfur. Mang Lando: But where do you get all these nutrients? Ryza: Im glad you asked. Ryza: We get most of our needed nutrients from the ...


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