Spacechem - No Ordinary Headache - (3720/1/59)

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Here's my solution for 'No Ordinary Headache', a level in SpaceChem. I passed a challenge for using only one reactor for it. It's, terribly inefficient with 3720 cycles, but only 59 symbols which is better than some in the stats. Anyway, here you go. Basically, the blue loop comes around and triggers input from alpha, then checks if it's nitrogen or not. If it's not, it carries that around to the a bonder/debonder in the recycling area and drops it, passing a process recycle output on the way (before it actually drops it). Then it continues that loop, spawning oxygen, tossing the old one and dropping the new on in its place until nitrogen spawns. When that happens, it diverts and hits a sync which triggers red to go and drop the nitrogen, debond it, and pick one up while the blue waldo grabs an oxygen and drops that off in place of it. The red drops the single nitrogen its then carrying, loops around while bonding twice for both bonders, and picks up the completed molecule from the recycling area , dropping it in the target output. Then red triggers output for to the cargo freighter, delivering two at a time, and triggering sync for the blue waldo that is waiting to continue. The blue waldo picks up and this is where the tricky bit comes in. It tests for nitrogen again. If nitrogen pops up right after blue is waiting, we know that there is no oxygen waiting for it. So if blue detects nitrogen there, it just diverts into its dump-truck path, acting the same as if it found ...


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