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The Neutec J-zP induction casting machine delivers a cost-effective, high-performance casting system—no other machine in this price range comes close for rugged durability, low operating cost and top-quality castings. A benchtop induction caster with many of the features found in our larger models, the J-zP is designed for small- to medium-sized shops and offer features usually found only in larger, far more costly casting machines. The J-zP™ adds the advantage of Neutec's Dynamic Pressure System™, a system that applies a positive pressure that works with the vacuum draw to significantly increase fill-rates and reduce defects—especially in small details such as prongs and the lettering on class rings. Benefits include: • Increased fill rates—even for fine details. A built-in Busch 15cfm vacuum pump helps ensure the best possible fill rates for all your castings—see fewer rejects and easier finishing. • Fast cycle times—casting cycles average about four minutes, or 15 flasks per hour. The Dynamic Variable Compensation™ pressure and the Advanced Dynamic Computer™ (ADC) automatically produce the fastest, most efficient melting program for any alloy and any size load—time after time. • Low reject rates—porosity and other defects caused by oxidation are virtually eliminated by a closed-system nitrogen-gas atmosphere and a graphite crucible that absorbs oxygen dissolved in the metal. • Superior stirring—with 18 turns on its induction coil, the Jz casting machine heats more ...


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