Bismillah, Al Rahman Al Raheem, Asalam alaikum Who are the people of knowledge, understanding and wisdom according to the Qur'an? In Surah 2 verse 164 we are taught how to identify these people. Surah: 2 - Al-Baqara , - Ayah: 164 Read further from this Surah Yusuf Ali: Behold! in the creation of the heavens and the earth; in the alternation of the night and the day; in the sailing of the ships through the ocean for the profit of mankind; in the rain which Allah Sends down from the skies, and the life which He gives there-with to an earth that is dead; in the beasts of all kinds that He scatters through the earth; in the change of the winds, and the clouds which they Trail like their slaves between the sky and the earth;- (Here) indeed are Signs for a people that are wise. So the signs of the planets including the Earth, planetary orbits determining night and day, sailing of ships, the rain cycle, the study of clouds, plants animals, changing tides, pressures and winds teach people about God's signs and give an individual with such knowledge the qualification of being an Aalim, provided they maintain belief in a supreme entity and make efforts to use their knowledge positively. This includes study of Science including Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Maths, Astronomy, Geography, Engineering, Medicine, Farming and other related subjects. Actually Scientists discover Allah's Laws created for Allah's Creation who have no will power. For example Newton's Laws of Motion are not ...


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