Starry Essences, Meditation by Judy Satori

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This video is an impression of my experiences by activating my Starry Essences. The Pictures and the Video Art are my inner visions. Sonja Steiger More About Lyra Lyra is the 12th dimensional star-gate. It is the gateway to higher dimensions outside of the 12 dimensional energy matrix of which the Earth is part. Currently the Earthy exits within a three dimensional wave form pattern of energy. The first dimension relates to the inner Earth kingdom and the second dimension to the Great Central Sun. Star-gates or inter-dimensional energy portals have been progressively opening and allowing ever higher dimensional energy into Earths atmosphere since January 2000. These star-gates will continue to progessively open until December 2012, affecting the Earths energy fields and preparing the Earth grids for a shift to a fifth dimensional energy patterning. These star gates are: 4th dimension Sun or Sol 5th dimension Pleiades 6th dimension Sirius 7th dimension Arcturus 8th dimension Orion 9th dimension Andromeda 10th dimension Lyra/Vega 11th dimension Lyra/Vega 12th dimension Lyra The purpose of embodied souls on Earth is to return to the fullest expression of their soul potential within the 12 dimensional system. In doing so they return to the pure image of Adamic creation. (creation in the form of Adam or the Atom). But this not all. Our purpose is to now move beyond this 12 dimensional energy matrix through a 13th aeon or 13th stargate. Within the Song of Lyra are the keys and ...


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