GDI Erroneous NOx Codes

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GDI Erroneous NOx Codes Since the introduction of the NOx catalytic converter and the GDI engine, there have been various issues with this component. Almost all issues with the NOx catalyst are related to another system that prevents it from being regenerated. By regeneration we don't mean that a clogged NOx converter will get unclogged from the regeneration process. As seen on our videos, NOx catalyst regeneration means the purging of NOx or Nitrogen Oxide from the converter substrate material using HC and CO from a fast acting quick mixture. Issues with the GDI NOx catalyst are all related to carbon chunks being blown out of the intake valves, although this is not an issue on the newer GDI engines, and the other is lean running engines due to vacuum leaks or another lean issue. These are the issues with GDI NOx catalysts. One, due to the fact that GDI engines breathe only air on the intake stroke, and fuel is injected right into the combustion chamber, older GDI engines did have issues with carbon deposits on the intake valves. The early GDI came to market in the late two thousands and after 2010 this issue is not not common. Any carbon deposit build-up on the intake valves can get dislodged and puncture the catalyst substrate. Two, a lean running engine due to a vacuum leak. A lean mixture will prevent the ECM from running the catalyst regeneration program. The reason is that the vacuum leak will still void the rich-mixture catalyst generation cycle, whereby the ECM ...


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