Many people that I have spoken to over the years have not suggested Foliar feeding or spraying the leaves of the plant because of concerns of damaging the plant, adding mildew problems, and adding the inappropriate type of nutrients for the state of life that the plant is in. They mentioned that it really does not make a difference and just adding water to the already amended soil base is enough to grow any plant. I deiced to review it because it was suggested on YouTube as a way to control pests on leaves. As it turns out foliar feeding is standard way of delivering various nutrients to plants at different stages of the life cycle. Even during the germination and spouting process the nutrients have brought out more dark green colors and have made the plants more vigorous. While I have not tested all of the different types of nutrients used for crop manipulation, I have tested a general tea used from other plants like garlic, cinnamon, cloves, and many other types of nutrients. At times I have added an organic dish soap if there are bird droppings on a leaf that need to be removed. Different types of plants will add a different nutrients so take note of what you are adding to your feed: "Fertilization strategies can influence flowering, fruit set, fruit size, the amount of vegetative growth, and other plant characteristics. By carefully choosing the components of a foliar or sidedress fertilizer, the grower can "nudge" a crop toward earlier, heavier fruit set, or ...


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