CLICK HERE: Want to Use Organic Fertiliser, but Don't Want to Pay for It? Try peeing on your plants ... Yep, you heard that right, your own urine may just be the best organic fertiliser you could possibly use, and it's FREE! Now, before you run away in disgust, give me a few minutes (just a few) to explain my reasoning and why this isn't just "crazy talk". Seriously, if you can get past the "gross factor", this is actually a pretty educational video ... And NO, I won't be showing any pictures you don't want to see. I promise. There will be nobody "whizzing" in this video. So, if you're still with me, let me explain to you how your own urine, might just be the best natural fertiliser you could use. You see, fresh, human urine is completely sterile, unless you've got a bladder infection or something ... So, there's really no chance of any "bacterial contamination" or anything. Even "old" urine, although no longer good as a plant fertiliser, is great for accelerating compost heap decomposition. But, "FRESH" urine is actually a nutritional powerhouse for plants ... It's an excellent source of fastest-acting nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium But, it also offers abundant trace elements, delivered in a form that's perfect for assimilation. What that means, boys and girls, is that plants have to expend very little energy "processing" the nutrition from your urine. Thus, more of that nutritional benefit is put to better use in terms of growth and health ...


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