Pop, Lock, & Drop It: Dat Catalyst Remix

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Caltech students go hardddd on orgo Pop, Lock & Drop It: Dat Catalysis Remix Lyrics Chorus: Take that G double-dagger drop it low, pop, lock it like you Grubbs when metathesis was slow, if yo orgo needs a tune up cop some DABCO, when you pop lock and drop it you gon make reactions go, OH! Caltech you 'bout to get a lesson you gon' never forget, I rep that couplin from Negishi and Suzuki and Heck. First reduce, your catalyst palladium(II) and you'll be joinin' alkyl groups wit' dat organic glue. I go by Stannane, gettin' Stille with that Tin(R3), I spit venom: trimethylstannyl got toxicity. I like it polar so I'm chillin in HMPT, they ask for ID so I give 'em mass spectrometry, I go transmetallate and steal the first halide I see, I'll take that Pd's Cl and leave him with CH3. Stille was a dude who wasn't in the game for cheese and he was in a field that was basically all Japanese. This is that cycle I rely on be like Popeye on spinach, add with oxy, swap metals, reduce it out and then you finished, I just pillaged this beat, lyrically I'll resurrect it cause I always bring it back like a catalyst, now check it: (Chorus) They call me Mo cause I catalyze so many reactions, run that nitrogen fixation and I'm cheaper than platinum, fascinate with my fashion, oxidation's my passion, pump acrolein with some acid, while I synthesize plastics. Got the hook ups with the Saudis, with Iran, and Iraq, cause I refine that oil like I'm tryin' to give it some class. 'Bout to bust out a ...


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