fpsc.twinbird.jp fpsc.twinbird.jp FROM WIKIPEDIA Portable refrigeration The Free Piston Stirling Cooler (FPSC) is an elegant, completely sealed heat transfer system that has only two moving parts (a piston and a displacer), and which can use helium as the working fluid without concern about seal leakage. The piston is typically driven by an oscillating magnetic field that is the source of the power needed to drive the refrigeration cycle. The magnetic drive allows the piston to be driven without requiring any seals, gaskets, O-rings, or other compromises to the hermetically sealed system.[15] Claimed advantages for the system include environmental friendliness, cooling capacity, light weight, compact size, precise controllability, and high efficiency.[16] The FPSC was invented in 1964 by William Beale, a professor of Mechanical Engineering at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. He founded and continues to be associated with Sunpower Inc.,[17] which specializes primarily in researching and developing FPSC systems for a wide variety of military, aerospace, industrial, and commercial applications. Sunpower also makes cryocoolers and special pulse tube coolers capable of reaching below 40°K (around --390°F, or --230°C). A FPSC cooler made by Sunpower was used by NASA to cool instrumentation in satellites.[18] Since 2002. another leading supplier of FPSC technology has been the Twinbird Company[19] in Japan, which also markets a broad line of household appliances. Both Sunpower ...


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