www.ceepackaging.com twitter : @ceepackaging www.ceepackaging.com https www.facebook.com Karsten Kejlhof, the marketing manager of PBI-Dansensor explains the advantages of modified atmosphere packaging and how it works. Recent years have seen enormous growth in the use of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for fresh produce in the food retail trade. This technique optimises the internal atmosphere of product packages, thus ensuring that the goods inside retain their quality for a longer period of time. In addition, MAP offers attractive presentation opportunities at the point of sale as well as enhanced hygiene conditions. When a product is packaged with MAP, air is evacuated from the package during the packaging process and then replaced with special protective gas. The evacuation process removes air from the product as well as the package, thus minimising the oxygen remaining in the package. Only then is a special protective gas injected in order to retard the speed at which the product perishes. The composition of the protective gas depends on the foodstuff being packaged. It may consist of only one gas or be a combination of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. The injection of a protective gas into the packaging creates a new gas-filled space that resists the force of the atmospheric pressure outside. This technique is also suitable for packaging pressure-sensitive products with a long shelf life without damaging them. One of the major benefits of the MAP technique is that ...


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