Ahh...15 years later I found the enzyme that really intriqued me. There are literally arms with a di-Sulfur ring that opens up and takes an acyl (two carbon) after the CO2 leaves the PYRUVATE DeHydrogenase COMPLEX (and these ARE COMPLEXES!) If you don't believe that there is a Grand Creator after seeing how just breaking down photosythesis products of glusocse etc. I feel sorry for you! LipoAmide-Acyl-Transferase (a long name but see it is descriptive) then passes the acyl to the CoA-S to go and do the citric acid cycle... Then another enzyme uses the RiboFlavin to deHYDROGEN-ate the sulfurs and put back into the diSULFIDE ring and the arm turns around to grab another acyl from the Vitamin BS-1 of the Pyruvate DeHydrogen-ase. Lipoic Acid is attatched to a lysine to give a long ten atom arm! This is one of those all encompassing processes that biology books skip over! (college biochemistry books go into varying depth...Learn this and you have a lot of knowledge of glycolysis, and THREE sulfur entities working together! See beginners like to talk about carbon then nitrogen...but get to the kinases (they phophorylate things) and then SULFUR (diSULFIDE bonds in proteins from only TWO AA's that have Sulfur (Met and Cys)...and then here they acetyl-S-Coenzyme A is crucial to health! Lipoic acid is known as a B vitamin (see Juvenon and Bruce Ames with respect to aging!!!!)


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