Managing Landscapes in Drought Conditions

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MANAGING LANDSCAPES IN DROUGHT CONDITIONS NUMBER ONE: SAVE THE TREES! 1. Give all trees deep watering at least one day per week during periods of heat and no rain. Use of root feeder (with plain water), or implanted root stakes in the drip line areas of the trees will be necessary. Drip line area is within 2 feet of the outer tips of the tree. Make sure the entire drip line area around the tree is watered. 2. Mulch a wide area of the tree drip line 2-4 inches deep (never place mulch around the trunk of the tree). NUMBER TWO: NO NEW LANDSCAPE PLANTING! 1. New plantings of any plants including turfgrass, trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals will not survive in a one day or two day per week watering schedule when temperatures are over 98 degrees! Wait until normal rainfall and temperatures return. New landscape plantings should be chosen from drought tolerant and /or native plants adapted to our North Texas area. For more information visit: 2. One or two days per week watering may not sustain existing plantings of annuals. Hand watering daily, or every other day may be necessary. Even with this watering, when temperatures are over 100 degrees some varieties may not survive. Should you choose to remove annuals or if plants die, mulch the bare areas. 3. Existing perennial plants may also need supplemental hand watering if temperatures are over 100 degrees. Water on the soil around the plant, not the top of the plant! Use of drip or soaker hoses at base ...


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