Low Energy Nuclear Revolution

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An engineer and a scientist make a public presentation of a controversial machine. It is a reactor which, apparently, produces a low energy nuclear reaction. The prototype, called "energy catalyzer", shocks everyone. In the internal chamber a reaction between nanometric granular nickel and hydrogen gas, aided by a secret catalyzer, releases a stunning amount of energy. The demonstration spurs an extremely polarized debate between supporters and skeptics, which resembles the response to the announcement of Fleischmann and Pons in 1989, when they reported to the world the discovery of what became known as "cold fusion". This film summarizes the main events from the January 14th experiment to the present day and introduces the leading characters. It is released as a promo, to find support to continue following the story to the end, producing a full- length version before spring 2012. - Credits - Produced by: Phizero (phizero.it) Directed by Manuel Zani Scientific Committee by: Ing. Giacomo Guidi DoP: Luca Nervegna Web: phizero.it Info lenr@phizero.it Source: vimeo.com More news about the "E-Cat": ecat.com ecatnews.com www.e-catworld.com Defkalion: defkalion-energy.com Brian Josephson, Nobel Prize laureate in 1973 and professor at University of Cambridge: "It's funny that people aren't interested, but it has its historical precedents. One thing that was pretty similar was when the Wright brothers — they got their first flying machine and people had seen it, and you'd have ...


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