Deforestation: The World in our Hands

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ENGLISH/// Deforestation: The World in our Hands We all are the same, for we are dust of stars and what we do to others, we do to ourselves. Take care of your Planet, as the home it is for all us, as the future land of your sons. It's the only we have. The poem is named "Jungle: A Soliloquy", from Nepali, by Abinash Shrestha and translated by Mukul Dahal. As you can see, deforestation is a topic concerning all the cultures, all over the world. Attempting to show the necessary reunion to stop the destruction of our planet -not only of ways of thinking, but of working hands- I ensambled three diferent versions of the traditional song Bonny Portmore. First, Laura Creamer's version for Highlander: The Series - Volume II Then, Jennifer McNeil's version for Highlander: The Endgame. A little extract from Laura Creamer's version again... And in the end, the magnificent voice of Loreena McKennitt for her album The Visit. She also worked in Highlander with a sweet new version of Bonny Portmore, just a little bit different to her album's version. I hope you find the peace and you dicover that there's no need to kill in this way the creatures that are smaller than us. We have to protect them, as the "superior" race we are. Take care of your planet. ESPAÑOL/// Deforestación: El Mundo en nuestras Manos. Todos somos lo mismo, pues somos polvo de estrellas y lo que hacemos a otros, lo hacemos a nosotros mismos. Cuida tu planeta, como el hogar que es para todos nosotros, como la futura ...


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