UPDATE: New Video and information... goo.gl NASA and Widom-Larsen Theory: Inside Story VIDEO: youtu.be Read The NASA Documents HERE... www.grc.nasa.gov Click SHOW MORE: Statement about LENR for the guy in the video, Joe Zawodny: goo.gl from joe.zawodny.com NOT Cold Fusion... As many others are claiming... Although there is controversy about that see the link at the bottom. Original Video Source At NASA: technologygateway.nasa.gov Method for enhancement of Surface Plasmon Polaritons to initiate and sustain LENR: While the world is drastically dependent on fossil fuel, researchers at NASA Langley Research Center are working on another way of producing energy efficient nuclear power... It has a demonstrated ability to produce excess amounts of energy, cleanly, without hazardous ionizing radiation, without producing nuclear waste... NOT Cold Fusion... As many others are claiming... The Fuel Is Very Cheap, little or no radiation shielding required, very common materials Nickel and Hydrogen, adaptable to full range of transportation, totally replaces fossil fuels, single solution for peak oil, global warming, fresh water, political instabilities... "It could be the end of the fossil fuel age: the end of oil and coal. And the end, incidentally, of many of our worries about global warming." -- Sir Arthur C. Clark SHARE this video! ECAT by Andrea Rossi: A competing but similar technology... Rossi E-Cat Destined For Underwriters Laboratory goo.gl By all means have a look at the ...


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