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1470 Games are usually seen as recreaction but increasingly, educational games are being developed as an aid to learning. Computers and information technology are now part of daily life for many young people and some teachers are looking at ways of incorporating these new tools into their teaching. *UK: biology in 3D* In the Abbey School in Reading, in the UK, 3D movies have been used as teaching aids by the biology department since 2010, with good results. Ros Johnson, the Head of the science department, said: "When I started teaching science, we just had a blackboard really, and we'd have these models as well. So you'd stand in front of the class with a model and you'd try to get everybody to see it and perhaps you'd pass it around and then people at the back would get irritated because they didn't have it. And then we got the projectors onto whiteboard and we could use animation and things moved and it was better. And now we've got the 3D. Absolutely everybody in the class can see the 3D, it's hanging in the middle of the classroom, the image, you can rotate it so they can all look at it, you don't need to pass it around anymore and it's fantastic." The jury may stilll be out when it comes to 3D in cinemas but in education teachers are finding it invaluable. For now, images can be manipulated using a mouse, in the future, students may be able to move the images with their hands. 3D projectors are the same price as conventional ones, and equipping a class of ...


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