O Eterno Aprendiz 1

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The Eternal Apprentice 1 Always be open to learning is perhaps one of the most intelligent positions in today's world, because every time there are new discoveries and new paradigms. Some gurus say that knowledge is the "gold modern" and that we should have a passion for knowledge. At first this statement may seem somewhat radical. But, let's do a quick review of the progress and stages of mankind. For thousands of years the domain of the world was held that the physical strength. Then, the field passes to those who held wealth (gold, precious stones, spices, land, etc.). Today, dominates the world who has the knowledge, which quickly becomes obsolete. Therefore, it is imperative that we take the stance of "lifelong learners". But not always so, as illustrated by the following metaphor: It is said that a pompous and renowned scientist, across wide river in a canoe, the humble boatman asked if he knew about astronomy. - No, sir - said the worker - in my life I have never heard that name. Superb scientist replied: - I'm sorry you missed the fourth part of his life. - Do you know anything about math? The poor man smiled, shook his head and replied: - No! Then, the scientist has to say: - Unfortunately, you lost another quarter of his life, my friend. Soon after, asked for the third time: - Do you know something about geology? - No, never went to school - said the boatman. - Well friend ... almost all his life has been misused. By the time they talked, the canoe hit a rock ...

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