www.MontessoriSingapore.com Montessori (Singapore) preschools are developed from the work of Dr Maria Montessori. Montessori style of teaching aims at duplicating natural laws that a child faces in life. Thus the aim of the teacher is to control the environment and not the child. Dr. Maria Montessori realized that children who are left free to interact with their environment developed an innate self-discipline, love for order and natural curiosity. Therefore the Montessori method focuses on the child's inborn ability to learn from his surroundings. Thus the teacher aims to encourage the natural curiosity of the child. He is never forced to learn or explore. When the child understands why he needs to learn something, he will love the learning process. The Montessori method of teaching is especially suitable to the preschooler who wants to do everything by himself. By providing opportunities for independence, the child's self-esteem also gets a huge boost while she learns. Visit http and receive a free Montessori school guide.


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