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One of the leading Bilderbergers in the world , as well as being the International Chairman of Goldman Sachs is an Irishman , called Peter Sutherland. For biographical information on Ireland's most important economic & political figure .................................................... Yesterday June 22nd 2011 he attended a presentation hosted by Irish exporters and proceeded to lecture all those there - that Ireland should cede whatever sovereignty it has left over to Europe , in order to help resolve its fiscal deficit. See article on presentation & Mr Sutherland's speech -- The real thrust of his speech however , was that Ireland should immediately dump the notion of ' burning any bondholders ' -- ( no doubt Goldman Sachs his bank - being one of those very senior bondholders. ) His speech also attempted to steer interest away from the huge amounts of TOXIC DERIVATIVES held on Irish Bank's balance sheet as assets . Many of these derivatives issued as CDOs were issued ORIGINALLY BY GOLDMAN SACHS . For a man who held a senior position within RBS before it was Nationalized by the British Government and who also headed up BP when it signed the ' Deep Horizon , Drilling Contract ' which produced the World's greatest ever pollution disaster in the Gulf of Mexico - Mr Sutherland ' s arrogance & hubris remain very much intact. It takes a lot to keep a good Bilderberger down.


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