Seeing is believing, see any other LARGE engines running on vapor on You Tube, this vapor is white, not gray, like all the other vapor devices on You Tube. Look at the white vapor, in the video, at the ambient temperature of the gasoline seen in the video, the white vapor would condense and become a liquid, no liquid gasoline is present, and the engine sucking from the intake manifold, through the aluminum flex drier vent tube, cooles the vapor even more.. Gasoline would have to be at least 150 degrees, or higher, to remain a vapor, in the video. I created this white colored low pressure gas to run a vehicle on gasoline vapor. Like everyone else started, I used a container and sucked the vapor off the gasoline, via the engine intake. I could never make enough gasoline vapor to run any engine bigger than a 2 cylinder, I added heat, but could never run the 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engine. To do this would require a large volume chamber, and a lot of heat. I found a different way to make a white vapor, unlike the gray gasoline vapor seen running lawnmower engines. I do use heat, but it is at a specific temperature, and thinking out of the box, I found a way to create as much vapor as any engine could use, at any RPM. I thought it was gasoline vapor, but have come to realize what I really did. I sprayed a fine mist liquid of gasoline, onto a large surface heater, who's temperature was 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The small droplets of liquid go to the heater temperature (600 degrees ...


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