Quantum Entanglement in two minutes.

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Two quantum particles that are created together are entangled. The polarization or spin will be connected however great the distance between them becomes. In a new theory called Quantum Atom Theory the Measurement Problem can be explained by explaining the continuous variable of the time continuum. Light has symmetry and geometry that forms Einsteins curvature of spacetime creating quantum Entanglement. Light will always take the simplest & most efficient path expanding out in all directions forming light spheres of EMR. The polarization of the light will be the same for the entire surface of the light sphere creating quantum entanglement and the symmetry and geometry of spacetime. Any help in the promotion of this theory on You Tube or in the scientific community will be gratefully welcomed. More Videos The Paradox of Schrodinger's Cat Quantum Mechanics an artist view The Secret of Time The Twin Paradox www.quantumartandpoetry.blogspot.com


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