What Is Nitrogen

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what Is Nitrogen Name Origin Latin nitrogenium, where nitrum (from Greek nitron) means "native soda", and genes means "forming". "Nitrogen" in different languages. Sources Nitrogen can be made by liquification and then fractional distillation of the air. It is very easily done commercially. It can also be made by heating NaN3 to 300 degrees C. Around 44 million tons are produced annually.Abundance Universe: 1000 ppm (by weight) Sun: 1000 ppm (by weight) Carbonaceous meteorite: 1400 ppm Earth's Crust: 25 ppm Seawater: Atlantic surface: 8 x 10-5 ppm Atlantic deep: 2.7 x 10-1 ppm Pacific surface: 8 x 10-5 ppm Pacific deep: 5.4 x 10-1 ppm Human: 2.6 x 107 ppb by weight 1.2 x 107 ppb by atoms Uses Nitrogen has many industrial uses in the gaseous forms, but probably the most interesting is liquid nitrogen, which is extremely cold. Items that must be frozen to extremely low temperatures for preservation are frequently stored in liquid nitrogen. Fertility clinics store sperm, eggs and embryos used to help infertile couples become pregnant in ampoules in liquid nitrogen. Since nitrogen gas is very stable, at standard temperature and pressure, it is used as the air in inert welding atmospheres. Documents, foods and chemicals are sometimes stored in nitrogen to keep them from oxidizing or reacting with air or water.


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