Henry's Fluval Edge Picoreef - Week 3

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Week 2 and 3 took a lot of patience and determination just to get there--had problems with my blue Ecoxotic LED lights that had to be sent back for replacement and nitrogen cycle was taking too long despite being jump started with established live rocks. As you can see in the video, I made the decision to cut the front and sides of the hood to allow for more light in the front and sides of the tank. IT WAS NOT AN EASY DECISION TO MAKE to alter the looks of the hood but I did it because of the following reasons: 1. More lights around the front and side of tank=more happy livestocks. I did it to benefit the inhabitants. 2. The L-shaped hood is still aesthetically pleasing to look at--doesn't look that bad after all. Beginning of week 3, I hastened the additions of the livestocks while ensuring the quality of water will be able to support them. I also added a Koralia Nano Powerhead 240gph for better flow. You will also see that I now have a total of 5 Ecoxotic 6-inch LED strips--3 whites and 2 blues. List of livestock: 1. Oscellaris Clown Fish (1) 2. Royal Gramma Fish (1) 3. Baby Orange Linckia Starfish (1) 4. Fire Shrimp (1) 5. Toadstool 6. Watermelon Zoos 7. Green Zoos 8. Pom Pom Pusling Xenias 9. Green Star Polyps 10. Candy Cane 11. Ricordia 12. Cypasthrea 13. Electric Blue Hermit Crabs (3) 14. Margarita Snails (2) Supplements: 1. 1ml of Brightwells Aquatics Reef Code A and B every other day. 2. 1ml of Kent Marine's Zooplanktons every other day. 3. 1ml of Salifert Iodine ...


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