The brilliant scientist, Dr. Peter Plichta is revolutionizing the entire industry ...! He wants to build in the coming years, a real UFO - VTLO flying saucer. The fuel used is composed of sand! It is full of space suitability and will be able to fly at a speed of Mach 20th. For this aircraft, he has already filed several patents. Quick transcript of the video: In 2 hours from Dusseldorf to Beijing in a flying saucer with a new propulsion system. For Dr. Peter Plichta this is achivable, in computer animation the aircraft works perfectly. Since '93, he is the owner of a patent for such an aircraft with silan (?) prupolsion. This fuel derives from sillica/ sand and named silan. In the aircraft passangers fly extremly fast, but have no windows. It will be like sitting in a plane but with a screen in front of you, since there are no windows. He has spent half his life testing new fuels and says they are ideal tho send people around the world in flying discs. His fuel is not based on petrol but rather on sillica. These fuel do not have to be ignite for the reaction occurs automaticaly in the engine. His dream is a disc that "breathes air" and reaches 20times the speed of sound. He wants to use this technology on the next rocket after "aryane 5"(?) His ideas are inspired by the frissbee(?) It will be powered with silan and can take of and land like a helichopter due to rottors Once it reaches a certain heght it will start burning fuel. Thanks to eisleo - Dr. Peter ...


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