"The Carbon Cycle" Song

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This was for an honors earth science project, based on the carbon cycle. My group decided to write our own song, in 3-part harmony for our project (we wrote the lyrics and melody all by ourselves in 2-3 hours the day before). Enjoy!!! :) Lyrics: Chorus: The Carbon Cycle, the building block for living things. It goes for everyone, whether you have feet, or fins, or wings! The Carbon Cycle, it's in the atmosphere...But don't you worry, it's on its way back here. Verse 1: It starts in all those plants, down on the forest floor, and all the carbon there, in sugars they will store. But then they need there sustenance, so then comes photosynthe...sence? But fire comes along the ben(d), and it's a GHG again. (Chorus) Verse 2: But not just plants/there's other life. There's animals/that live in strife. But that's not all you silly goose, they're gonna die just like nat's moose! ("not cool man...") 1,2,3,4!!! They're gonna die, they're gonna die, they're gonna die, they're gonna die...Then they'll get pressed into fossil fuels. So GHG's made out of mules... (Chorus) Verse 3: The carbon in the air, dissolved in H2O, turns into rocks and soil, and limestone don't cha know. But then my friends, there is one more disruption, you know that I'm talkin', VOLCANIC ERUPTION!!! So along with the plants and the life that will die, everything will go up to the sky. Word. (Chorus) But don't you worry, it's on it's way back here.


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