INFLUENCE AND ROLE OF NITROGEN IN GROWTH: 1.It is the vital and integral component of various plants compound. 2.It is very important for the use of carbohydrates in plants. 3.A very good supply of nitrogen plays a very important role in roots growth. 4.It is important for the absorption of other minerals specially potassium. 5.It plays a very important role in the pulpness of grains. 6.Pulpness increases the protein content of seeds polyages & stimulate the plant productivity. 7. Healthy plant polyage contains 2.5 to 4% nitrogen. Deficiency of Nitrogen 1.Nitrogen deficiency may cause chlorosis (a condition in which leaves produce insufficient chlorophyll), leaves become pale yellow. 2.Deficiency may cause Necrosis (the premature death of leaf cells or tissues). 3.Have stunted appearance, resulting in spindly stem. 4.Protein content becomes low, resultin in the high level of sugar, (carbohydrates are increased). 5.Nitrogen is a quite mobile component, so when it bceomes deficient in young leaves, the nitrogen from the old leaves is then transferred to the young leaves, as aresult, the old leaves become yellowish. 6.The increase in roots and shoots ratio, is decreased. Over Supply of Nitrogen 1.Excess of nitrogen causes reduction in flowers growth, & increases the leaves growth. 2.The growth of stem increases, the top of stem drops. 3.Delay of maturity occurs; secondary growth stops, fungus & pests, can attack the plant easily. 4.Excess of nitrogen causes low absorption of ...


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